2016 Cyclocross Guidelines


2016 Trek WCA CX Series Guidelines

Racer Guide



2016 Race Day Schedule, Fees and Minimum Payouts
Start Time Race Duration Online SuperCup Entry Fee SuperCup Minimum Payout Online Local Entry Fee Local Minimum Payout
9:00 Masters 35+ 4/5 30  min $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
9:01 Masters 45+ 4/5 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
9:01 Masters 55+ 4/5 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
9:45 Junior Boys 15-18 30 min $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
9:46 Cat 5 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
10:30 Men Cat 4 30 min $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
11:15 Women Masters 35+ Open 30 min $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
11:16 Women Cat 4 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
11:17 Junior Girls 15-18 $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
11:17 Junior Girls 9-14 $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
11:17 Junior Boys 9-14 $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
11:45 Course Open/inspection** 30 min **between finish line and last active racer
12:15 Women Cat 1/2 45 min $30 $75-$60-$50-$40-$30 $25 $40-$30-$25
12:16 Women Cat 3 $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
1:15 Men Cat 3 45 min $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
1:16 Single Speed $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
2:15 Masters 35+ 1/2/3 45 min $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
2:16 Masters 45+ 1/2/3 $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
2:16 Masters 55+ 1/2/3 $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
3:15 Men Cat 1/2/3 60 min $30 $75-$60-$50-$40-$30 $25 $40-$30-$25


Table 1

  • 2nd race is $10
  • $5 day-of registration fee for SuperCup races and Local races.
  • Online pre-registration for all races closes Thursday night at midnight the week of the race.
  • The 80% rule may be enforced, especially in the Men Cat 1/2/3 race; pull over, slow down and allow lapping racers to pass quickly and safely.
  • Full purse will not be paid without a minimum of 10 (full price) entries in the Pro Men’s and Women’s races.




  • The Trek WCA Cyclocross Series overall will be determined by six of the total number of SuperCup races designated as SuperCups (see below). Trek WCA Cyclocross Series SuperCup Overall Standings will be linked from USA Cycling.
  • A Local race point total will be kept for Trek WCA Cyclocross Series Local races. This point total does not count toward the overall SuperCup series and is for bragging rights only.
  • All standings will be linked from www.wicycling.org/cx
  • USAC upgrade points are awarded in all races (where field sizes are large enough, etc.)
  • The SuperCup winners will be awarded a champion’s jersey and overall prize money.



  • A map showing parking, registration, start line, finish line, and pit for each event will be available at least seven days before each race. Instruction on which side of jersey to pin number on will also be provided if available.
  • If the race details must be changed (ex: venue change due to weather), updates will be attempted to be communicated by Thursday evening before the race through the WCA CX Facebook page, WCA Facebook page, and the WCA website (www.wicycling.org)



  • Link to the USA Cycling Race Page from www.wicycling.org/cx, then click “Online Registration”
  • Online registration closes Thursday at 23:59 (11:59pm) the week of the race.
  • Riders under age 18, anyone who was registered online by someone else, and anyone who did not accept the electronic waiver must sign a waiver at the registration area.
  • Registration can also be done day-of race at the registration area up to 30 minutes before race time. Day-of registrations for SuperCup and Local events will add $5 late fee.
  • Entry fees do not include any park admission fees.
  • Online registration is required for anyone wanting a call-up in their race. The call-ups are based on USA Cycling points.
  • Online registration is $20 and $25 for Local races and $25 and $30 for SuperCup races (plus the $2+ USAC fee).
  • There will be a $5 late fee for all SuperCup and Local Races day-of registrations.



  • Your cyclocross racing age is your age as of December 31 of the year in which the CX World Championships take place. All WCA CX races take place in the calendar year before the calendar year in which CX World Championships take place (the end of January or early February). Therefore your racing age for all WCA CX events is your age as of 12/31 of the NEXT calendar year.





  • Placing is done by Race Officials reading and recording race numbers of finishers. Officials must be able to read your number.
  • Pin your number on the correct side and with proper orientation. To find out which side to pin it on for each event; see the diagram at registration table.
  • Do not rip, bend, fold, or otherwise alter your number.



  • Pre-ride and warm-up time on the course will be allowed between races, or during the allotted course inspection time.
  • Pre-riding is allowed between the finish line and the last active racer on their last lap. Check with finish-line officials to determine if the course is “open.”
  • Enter the course near to – but a safe distance from – the finish line and always be certain to stay at least 50 feet behind the last active racer. Passing an active racer can result in disqualification from all of your races that day.
  • Pre-ride violations may result in disqualification.



  • Report to staging at least 10 minutes before your scheduled race time.
  • Riders who have pre-registered are called up for pre-race staging by order of USAC Cycling points.
  • The Men Masters Category 4/5 35+ and the Men Masters Category 1/2/3 35+ racers will start first. The 45+ racers and 55+ racers will be called up together, based on pre-reg riders USAC points, start together approximately 1 to 2 minutes behind the 35+ racers, but have their results scored separately.


  • Heed the instructions of the race official.
  • Do not overlap wheels in the start grid.
  • Start on the whistle.



  • Do not go backwards on the course.
  • If being lapped, give lapping riders the fastest line and plenty of room to pass. Move over, slow down.
  • The equipment pit will be staffed by a neutral support mechanic. You may put your own equipment – wheels, bike, etc – in the pit. You may also have a pit crew in the pit.



  • The number of laps remaining will be displayed at the finish line.
  • A bell will be rung to signify one lap remaining as each rider passes the finish line with one lap remaining.
  • All riders will finish on the same lap as the leader.



  • Results will be posted in the registration area 5 to 15 minutes after each race ends.
  • Racers may petition USAC officials for results corrections up to 15 minutes after results are initially posted.
  • Results are final for awarding prizes 15 minutes after they are posted. Riders who have failed to protest within the time limit waive any right to prizes.
  • See individual race flyers for prize lists.
  • Rewards can be claimed in the Registration Area from the Race Promoter.
  • Winners of each State Championship Race will receive a beautiful trophy.



  • Category upgrades will be handled according to USA Cycling rules.
  • Juniors are not subject to the “Mandatory Upgrade” rule.




All Rules and Regulations of the regular season WCA races listed above apply to the Super Cup unless noted in this section.



  • Overall Series Champions will be determined by the highest number of points scored in six races of the WCA Cyclocross SuperCup races. Series Standings will be linked fromwww.wicycling.org/cx.



The Trek WCA Cyclocross Series Super Cup will score overall series points for the following categories:

  • Men Pro/1/2/3
  • Women Pro/1/2/3
  • Men Category 3
  • Women Category 3
  • Masters 35+ Category 1/2/3
  • Masters 45+ Category 1/2/3
  • Masters 55+ Category 1/2/3
  • Women Masters 35+ Open
  • Single Speed
  • Junior Boys 9 – 14
  • Junior Girls 9 – 14
  • Junior Boys 15 – 18
  • Junior Girls 15 – 18
  • Women Category 4
  • Men Category 4
  • Men Category 5
  • Masters 35+ Category 4/5
  • Masters 45+ Category 4/5
  • Masters 55+ Category 4/5



Note: No overall prizes will be awarded for Women Category 4, Men Category 4, Men Category 5, or Men Masters Category 4/5. These are beginner’s races and meant for people new to the sport or just trying it out.



  • Riders’ individual race scores will be scored toward an overall series point total. Total includes six races in the Series SuperCup. The following scoring schedule will be used for all Super Cup races:





Place        Points

1st        25

2nd        20

3rd        16

4th        13

5th        11

6th        10

7th        9

8th        8

9th        7

10th        6

11th        5

12th        4

13th        3

14th        2

15th        1


Scoring Notes:

  • CX Committee/officials decisions on placements and scoring are final.
  • After upgrading from a lower category, Series Super Cup Overall points are not transferred to the new category.
  • Ties will be decided by head-to-head results, then the tie will be broken in favor of the rider who has the most first place finishes; or, if still tied, the most second place finishes, etc.
  • If still tied, after the first tie breaking exercise, the victor will be determined by Feats of Strength at the End of Season Party.
  • Series Standings will be linked from www.wicycling.org/cx following each event.



  • The following is the Series overall prize list for Men Category P/1/2/3 and Women Category P/1/2/3:



1st        $150.00

2nd        $100.00

3rd        $75.00



  • The following is the Series overall prize list for Single Speed, Masters 35+ 1/2/3, Masters 45+ 1/2/3, Masters 55+ 1/2/3, and Women Masters 35+ 1/2/3:



1st        $100.00

2nd        $60.00

3rd        $40.00






  • Team points per race day are determined by totaling the points of the top three individual placings from each team per day.
  • Riders using one-day licenses are not considered licensed team members.
  • The Team Series Overall will be awarded to the team with the highest sum of team points for the all of the race days.
  • Ties will be broken by Feats of Strength at the Season-End Party. Cyclocross Committee decisions are final.
  • Awards will be given to the top three teams.



Q: What is cyclocross?  A: Cyclocross is a circuit race where competitors ride multiple laps on a set course. The courses generally offer a mix of terrain including grass, pavement, hills, dirt, and barricade portions to force riders into a partial run each lap. Due to the compact layout of the typical course it is spectator friendly, with easy opportunities for cheering on riders at multiple sections of the course.

Q: Do I have to start in Category 5?  A: If this is your first bicycle race of any kind, you must begin in Category 5 (Men) or Category 4 (Women). If you have raced before, you should begin racing CX in the same category as your USAC road or mountain biking category.

Q: Do I need a license to race?  A: Yes. If you are Category 5 and you do NOT have an annual USAC license, you need a One Day License (available at the race site for $15). Only Cat 5 Men, and Cat 4 Women are eligible to race on a One Day licenses in those categories. If your category is above Cat 5 (Cat 4 for women) you MUST purchase a USAC Annual License. Annual Licenses can be purchased at registration for $70 ($35 for Juniors), but purchasing or renewing online before race day is recommended. Licenses purchased on or after December 1 are also good for the next racing year.

Q: When should I come to race?  A: To register, familiarize yourself with the course, prepare to race and warm up it is recommended that you arrive 1.2-2 hours before your race.

Q: Can I use a mountain bike?  A: Yes, but bar-ends are not allowed. Please be courteous if you are being passed, move over, slow down, yield the faster line. Thank you. (Mountain bikes are allowed in all non-UCI races, which limit tire width to 33mm.)