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The Race Director (a.k.a. “promoter”) is the person responsible to USAC for the proper organization of the race meet.

Event Insurance: If you or your club is organizing an event this year, be sure to read this!

The Race Director:

  • Gets permission to use the course.
  • Notifies area residents that an event is taking place.
  • Obtains race permit.
  • Secures volunteers for registration, corner guards, runners, etc.
  • Publishes race announcement on WCA website and other sources as desired.
  • Provides lap cards and bell.
  • Sets up course.
  • Provides food and drinks for officials and volunteers.
  • Pays officials at least the required amount (see USAC rulebook, Schedule of Fees).
  • Pay USAC rider surcharge ($3 per rider).
  • Pay WCA surcharge ($2 per rider, per event) to WCA representative.