WCA criterium racing clinic
WCA criterium racing clinic

This program is designed for cyclists to learn how to and work on improve on riding in a group. Learn group riding skills to make riding/racing FUN, SAFE, and FAST!

  • 12:30 at WCA races (locations around the state from April through August)
  • Milwaukee Mile Practice Crits (Wednesdays Evenings May 1st – June 5th)
  • If you would like to host an event, please call Brian Leatherman at 608-692-8494
  • You must complete a “USA Cycling one day license application” if you don’t have a USAC annual license. Annual licenses can also be purchased at events.

Session Agenda (45 min total)

1 – Welcome and General Introduction of the program and participants. (5 min)

    20% is knowing this, 80% is practicing it.

2 – Discussion on Racing 101 and Cycling Etiquette (15 min)

    Position on the bike

    Holding your line

    Braking (How, When, Turning, Emergency, while in the pack)


    Half Wheeling

    Points of contact – elbows, shoulder, and hips. (Keep your hands on the bars at all time.)

    Always look ahead and where you are going

    Positive Communicating

    Timing and Position in the pack

3 – Course description (5 min)

    Flow of the course

    Wind, Pavement, and Gutters.

3 – Active riding. (20 min)

    1 lap to preview the course.

    Riding 2 wide at 15mph

    Riding 3 wide at 15 mph

    Stop and Reposition

    Simulated Race pace and lines through corners. (Pace dictated by session leader.)

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