Introducing: the WCA Expert Panel
/ March 28, 2013 1 COMMENTS

We are proud to be bringing back the WCA Expert Panel! It is our hope that it will be a successful, useful, educational, and ongoing segment of the Wisconsin Cycling Association. The main purpose of the WCA Expert Panel is to bring useful and factual information to local racers as well as provide a platform for…

2012 End-of-Season Cyclocross Party
2012 End-of-Season Cyclocross Party
/ March 11, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Cyclocross – it’s partly about bike racing, and partly about hanging out with some awesome people, ringing, cowbell, heckling, drinking some beer, and having boatloads of fun.  And the 2012 End of Season Cyclocross Party was no different.  Racers from across the state gathered at Grey’s Tied House, a brewpub just minutes from the State…