2016 Cyclocross Promoter Guide

Race Promoter Guide



  • Race Director License with USA Cycling (included with team registration or can be purchased separately)
  • Team registration with Wisconsin Cycling Association
  • USA Cycling Race Permit and Insurance
  • Venue permit (as required)



  • WCA Rider Fees ($2 per racer per day per event.)
  • Payment of USAC Officials
  • Prizes
  • Additional Equipment not provided by the WCA



  • Technical support to assist with course design and logistics
  • Use of cyclocross-specific equipment (barriers, staking, signage, ribbons, etc.) owned by the WCA
  • Advertising
  • Posting of race results on the WCA website
  • Posting of Supercup Series Overall results on the WCA website
  • Support with computer-generated registration and results




  • Hold current Wisconsin Cycling Association club membership by April 2.
  • Submit race application to WCA CX.
  • Attend the WCA Race Promoter’s Meeting and work with the WCA CX Committee to obtain a race date.
  • All drivers who will transport the WCA equipment trailers should check with their insurance to confirm that their personal insurance coverage extends to the trailer they are pulling.
  • First year promoters are not eligible for SuperCup races.
  • Any race promoter interested in hosting a SuperCup race must apply to the Cyclocross Committee. A SuperCup race must be an event with extras to make the day fun and good for families, encourage viewers, possibly involve the local community.



  • Secure a venue with necessary features for a cyclocross course as well as appropriate facilities for registration, bathrooms, adequate parking, and a water source. If possible an enclosed and heated building for registration is preferred.
  • Submit a course plan to the WCA CX Committee by 2016 August 1. The Committee will either approve or return to the Promoter for corrections or physical examination of the race site.
  • Submit race flyer to CX Committee [email] no later than 90 days prior to race date.
  • After flyer is approved, Complete the online USA Cycling race permit application by eight weeks before race day (see next section for details).
  • Include the venue’s street address and an event website on the USA Cycling race page.
  • Use of Google Docs, Facebook Event page, or team website is recommended.
  • At least 2 weeks before your event; please post a map showing parking, registration, start line, finish line, and pit. Also include which side to pin number on jersey, food options on site, and other relevant event information.
  • Post pre-ride video, photos, course information, venue information, prizes, special elements information on the WCA CX page. Or send material to pwarloski@gmail.com.
  • Send the USAC permit number of your race to the WCA CX Committee;wca.cyclocross@gmail.com
  • Create a medical plan, which may be as simple as calling 911 for emergencies. WCA strongly recommends having first-aid supplies on site (wound-cleaning, bandages) and someone with at least basic first-aid certification. Please consider using the Wisconsin Bike Patrol emergency/medical services. They do a great job and don’t ask for anything (although a donation is sort of important – consider giving them $100 for a race). A promoter must have some form emergency/medical services available per the USAC race permit requirements.



  • Use USA Cycling online pre-registration. Entry fees shall include all USAC surcharges, WCA fees, and any other fees charged to event organizers by local entities.
  • Entry fee with all fees included must be equal to or less than the maximum entry fees.
  • Online Registration must close on Thursday at 23:59 (11:59 pm) the week of the race. Use the fee schedule Listed in Table 2.
  • 2nd race is $10
  • There can be NO penalties for pre-registration. Pre-registration with fees must be at least equal to standard entry. $25 and $30 online entry fees are appropriate for SuperCup events, $20 and $25 for Local races.
  • $5 day-of registration fee for SuperCup and Local races.


Super Cup – Trek WCA Cyclocross Series Super Cup

  • Use WCA Cyclocross Series Super Cup Race Schedule for classes/categories, entry fees, start times, maximum entry fees, and minimum prize list. Prizes may be increased over the minimum stated.
  • Note that minimum prize requirements are different between Super Cup and Regular Season races.
  • There should be NO cash prizes in the Elite Category 5, Elite and Women’s Category 4, and Masters Category 4 races.


Non-SuperCup Local Races

  • Use WCA Cyclocross Series Race Schedule for classes/categories, entry fees, start times,maximum entry fees, and minimum prize list. Prizes may be increased over the minimum stated.
  • Note that minimum prize requirements are different between Super Cup and Regular Season races.
  • Pre-registration fees for online registration will be $20 and $25 for Local events with a $5 day of race late fee.









Table 2


2016 Race Day Schedule, Fees and Minimum Payouts
Start Time Race Duration ONLINE SuperCup Entry Fee SuperCup Minimum Payout


Local Entry Fee

Local Minimum Payout
9:00 Masters 35+ 4/5 30  min $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
9:01 Masters 45+ 4/5 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
9:01 Masters 55+ 4/5 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
9:45 Junior Boys 15-18 30 min $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
9:46 Cat 5 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
10:30 Men Cat 4 30 min $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
11:15 Women Masters 35+ Open 30 min $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
11:16 Women Cat 4 $25 merchandise/3 $20 merchandise/3
11:17 Junior Girls 15-18 $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
11:17 Junior Girls 9-14 $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
11:17 Junior Boys 9-14 $15 merchandise/3 $10 merchandise/3
11:45 Course Open/inspection** 30 min **between finish line and last active racer
12:15 Women Cat 1/2 45 min $30 $75-$60-$50-$40-$30 $25 $40-$30-$25
12:16 Women Cat 3 $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
1:15 Men Cat 3 45 min $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
1:16 Single Speed $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
2:15 Masters 35+ 1/2/3 45 min $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
2:16 Masters 45+ 1/2/3 $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
2:16 Masters 55+ 1/2/3 $25 $30-$25-$20-$15-$10 $20 $20-$15-$10
3:15 Men Cat 1/2/3 60 min $30 $75-$60-$50-$40-$30 $25 $40-$30-$25


Table 1

  • 2nd race is $10
  • $5 day-of registration fee for SuperCup races and Local races.



  • Use sponsor-provided header (2016: Trek WCA Cyclocross Series).
  • Include race categories, times, entry cost, durations, and awards as listed above.
  • If possible, include any non-racing activities that will draw people to the event.



  • Pick up trailer after helping take down the previous course.
  • Create a start grid in rows of 8. (start [and finish] area should be a minimum of 5m wide, flat, to slightly uphill, straight).
  • Course should be 2.5 to 3.5 kilometers long (1.55 – 2.17 miles).
  • Course should be a minimum of three meters wide (10 feet), with a minimum of 5m wide in start and finish areas. The course can be as wide as you’d like.
  • Maximum of six man-made barriers (with a maximum of 3 in any one set); barriers should be 4m apart (13 feet).
  • Dangerous objects should be avoided. Any potentially dangerous objects should be marked (with orange spray chalk, for instance, or course tape or other visually obvious designation).
  • See USAC Cyclocross Rulebook for more details.
  • Add course features for advanced categories, and reroutes around these features for other racers.
  • examples include steep hills, off-camber turns, and sand pits.
  • Post signs at these course splits to direct riders onto the correct course
  • Recommended: Add a Kid’s Course separate from the primary course for young riders to play on.
  • Make spectator areas around features/dismounts (slow the race by the crowd).
  • Have the course pass through the same area multiple times per lap for better spectating.
  • Use small breaks in the tape to allow for easy course and pit access.
  • Install tape low on stakes when high winds are expected.
  • Avoid features that create bottlenecks in the near the course start.
  • Entrance and exit to equipment pit should be on straight sections of the course
  • Utilize CX Committee members for course design advice and suggestions.



  • Provide call-up list for each race based on pre-registered riders and USA Cycling points.
  • Hold a podium ceremony immediately after each race with payouts and awards.



  • Pay WCA surcharges in full at the conclusion of the event – failure to do so will incur a $250 fine and possible exclusion in subsequent WCA CX Series schedules.
  • Take down your course and return materials to trailer.
  • Transfer the WCA trailer to the promoter of the next race.
  • High fives and cold beverages all around!
  • Thanks for putting on a race for the cx community. We appreciate it!