Introducing: the WCA Expert Panel

We are proud to be bringing back the WCA Expert Panel! It is our hope that it will be a successful, useful, educational, and ongoing segment of the Wisconsin Cycling Association. The main purpose of the WCA Expert Panel is to bring useful and factual information to local racers as well as provide a platform for local experts to provide advice. The intent is to grow an already strong cycling demographic in Wisconsin through sharing of knowledge. Knowledge is power, pun intended.

Experts: Individuals on the WCA Expert Panel display expertise in one or more specialized areas of cycling. They have formal educations dealing with their specialties, many years of experience in their field, or both. Expert panelists see themselves as educators and display a positive attitude towards their sport. Experts will post written articles on the WCA website that are relevant to competitive cyclists during the road and cyclocross seasons. Experts also review articles submitted by other experts.

The current WCA Expert Panel and their fields of expertise are:

  • Jason Boynton, MS – Exercise Physiology, Cycling Science
  • Joe Cieszynski MS, ATC, CSCS – Strength and Conditioning
  • Aaron Goldberg, MD, FAAEM – Cycling Medicine
  • Lowell Kellogg, MAT – Junior Development
  • David Kohli – Cycling Mechanic, Bike Fitter
  • Chris Kreidl – Team Mechanic
  • Gordy Paulson – Time Trialing

Posts: Readers can expect to see a minimum of two posts during the racing seasons, per expert. When possible, the posts will be relevant to the season currently in progress. The content of the posts will be informative and fact based. Articles will be well researched and include references whenever possible.

Peer Review: Experts will submit their articles to their peers on the expert panel for review prior to posting. This is done not only to ensure quality of content, but also to educate other members on the panel.

Website: To learn more about the experts, check out the Expert Panel page. There, you’ll find profiles of all the experts, including photos, background, accomplishments, and relevant education.

Guest Writers: The WCA Expert Panel hopes to post content from guest writers that are national level experts or from other regions. Be on the look out these special articles!

Comments: We encourage WCA members to use the comment functionality of the blog to respond to articles written by the experts.

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