USAC Event Insurance

If you or your club is organizing an event this year, be sure to read this!

New policy regarding automobiles and motorcycles used during races

You must now purchase additional liability insurance for any vehicle that will be used during an event. If you do not purchase the insurance, you are not allowed to have any motor vehicles on the course during races.

This is secondary insurance, meaning that there must already be a liability policy for the vehicle. You need to identify the vehicle (complete with VIN) and driver(s) when you apply for your permit. This insurance only covers officials or marshals who are driving during the event, and does not provide any coverage for damage to the vehicle.

Forms are available on the USA Cycling website ( under event organizers/forms. They must be sent with your permit application. If you do not elect to purchase insurance for vehicles, you must sign to that effect.


Coverage costs $25 per vehicle per event, for up to 10 days. There may be a maximum of eight persons in the vehicle, all of whom must be in legal seats with seat belts.


This is the same program that was in effect last year. Coverage costs $100 times the number of motorcycles up to five, and $50 per motorcycle after the first five. Coverage is also good for ten days, and you must include vehicle and driver information. All persons on motorcycles must wear DOT-approved helmets when riding.


As in the past, this is included with your permit fee and the $2 per rider/day charge. You must obtain a signed waiver from each participant and volunteer. This policy covers participant legal liability, personal injury liability, premises-operations liability, and products and completed operations. It does not cover medical personnel liability, worker’s compensation for employees or volunteers, participant vs. participant claims, terrorism, non-cycling related activities, or automobiles other than those discussed above.

This is a very brief overview of the coverage available to your event. More complete information is available at