There will be a number of changes to the WI State Road Race Championship for 2015.

For various reasons, the date, race course, length of events and categories have all been changed for this year. First, the date for 2015 is Sunday July 12.  That is two weeks earlier than in recent years. Consequently, it is two weeks closer to the fitness gleaned from racing ToAD.

Second, the course is new, or old, depending upon your perspective.  We will be using the original Spring Prairie Road Race course.  Each lap is approximately ¾ mile shorter than the previous State Road course.  It will still contain multiple rolling hills, but gone is the super-steep Johnson Road climb to the finish.  The new finish will revert back to the flat finish of yesteryear.  Parking, registration and staging will remain the same as in recent years.  The course change is due to both policing changes and racer requests.  Click here to view the course map.

The lengths of the events will be changed for 2015 as well.  Only the juniors will race a defined distance.  All senior category events will be based on elapsed time, as in cyclocross.  This should better keep us on schedule, and prevent us from having to shorten later races due to the dawdling of some in earlier events.

Finally, due to racer requests, Masters Cat 3-4 and Masters 4-5 will be contested as State Road Championship categories for the first time.  Hopefully that will encourage more participation by those that disliked the previous “age only” format.

I hope to see you at Your New State Championship Road Race.

Thank you,

Kurt Otter

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