WCA Direction for 2013

For those of you that did not attend the annual meeting, the WCA has seen a number of changes for 2013 from an organizational standpoint. Below are the changes/additions to the team for the upcoming year. While we are new to our roles, we understand how much all of those that have preceded us have done to make the WCA one of the best cycling organizations in the country! Our job is to merely be the next caretakers for this great organization, and fortunately we have seasoned members of the team like Heidi, Kurt, Aaron and others to assist in the transition.

Bob Schallhorn – President
John Scudder – Vice President
Ryan White – Treasurer
Denny Yunk – Social Media Administrator

I had the good fortune of attending the USA Cycling annual meeting last Nov for all of the Local Associations and was able to network and learn firsthand what initiatives they would like to see get executed. Taking this guidance as well as having discussions at the annual meeting and as a board since then, here are some initiatives we will be looking to roll out in 2013 in the hopes of continuing to grow our great sport. We will be publishing the complete 2013 Best Practices document on the website soon…

  • Create a focused effort to bring new riders into the sport. This will be accomplished with Cat 5 races, pre race clinics and post race debriefing sessions.
  • The creation of a WCA podium backdrop to facilitate post race podium ceremonies. These podium shots will be a staple for the new website…
  • The use of a race announcer whenever possible since there is a PA system available for all crits.
  • Launch of a new website and creation of a Social Media Administrator position to enhance the WCA web and social media presence.
  • Promote the WCA and the racing series through advertising such as Posters in the local bike shops and active promotion during group rides and other cycling events.
  • Create some longer term initiatives such as:
    • Omnium events over weekends rather than two separate unrelated events
    • Securing a title overall series sponsor

We hope all of you will like the enhancements we will be rolling out this year and get you excited to race even more this season. Also, in an effort to continue to enhance and grow the WCA, please feel free to provide your feedback and ideas, we’d love to hear from you! While we are excited to get the 2013 season underway, we know all of you are likely even more pumped for it and are looking forward to warmer weather and that first race weekend.

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